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What is our area of expertise ?

At SuperSonic Geophysical we process all commercially available wireline and LWD full wave acoustic/ sonic logs; whether recently logged or difficult data in need of reprocessing. Clients who use out services for processing receive advice on optimizing acquisition of full wave acoustic data.

With new clients, we have found there is a learning curve in determining what data we can improve and what data is beyond repair. The learning curve applies both to our clients and to ourselves as we become familiar with their data. In order to work through this learning curve, we offer complimentary processing on a small sample data set to help our new clients evaluate our services. We continually make an effort to work closely with our clients to deliver results of value.

In addition to processing services, forward modeling of tool response is available as a consulting service. Dispersion corrections where warranted and/or requested are provided as part of the service.

Data Transfer is accomplished via a password protected FTP site with passwords unique to each client.

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